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C.E.E. : Command Everything with Eyes, A multi device control using wearable gaze and manual input interface

Junbong Song, Keehong Youn, Dongyeob Baek, Jungman Chung, Sungmin Cho, Kyungwon Yun, Hyunwoo Bang*

Although gaze interface has high potential to be a pervasive interface, previous researches focused on enhancing control performance for a single device with a fixed type eye tracker. To improve the gaze interface as an integrated control interface, this paper proposes a multi-modal wearable gaze interface optimized for multi device control. A high performance wearable gaze tracker was developed and an infrared boundary+ID markers with a novel recognition algorithm enabled immediate device switching and high robustness in various light condition. A confirmation manual input modality was added to improve accuracy and avoid Midas touch. To verify the appropriateness of the developed wearable gaze interface for multi device control, performance tests controlling three display devices were compared with conventional interfaces, touch and mouse. The results showed that the performance is similar to touch interface and better than mouse interface. Through user interviews, the developed gaze interface was found to have better user experience factors for multi device control than other interfaces.