JB Song, 'FAZZLE (FACE+PUZZLE)', variable installation, mixed media, 2013.

As a member of the family, you are a child of your parent while parent of your children. You are a senior worker for someone as well as a junior for other one. You are the leader of one group, but in other parts you are just a new members. You are a Korean but also a cosmopolitan. Now you're playing multiple roles and it is considered an essential virtue in modern society. Sometimes, the more roles he has, the better he is rated.

When you meet someone, you think 'What is the best role in this situation' first. Then you choose the most adequate identity and play its role. If so, how would you introduce yourself to someone you don't have any information about? Worker? Father? Korean? Or just a nice guy?
For adaptation to rapidly changing circumstance, you are playing many kinds of roles at the same time, but it makes hard to answer the question: 'What is me?'. Recently, even when you play the role 'B' wearing a face of role 'A', rather people like it saying "Wow, It's convergence!".
Finally, you are wearing fragmented face of roles. In other words, you are trying to hide your vague identity behind the mask, but the mask are also broken.

'FAZZLE' tries to express the confused feeling caused by multiple role. Over the active movie standing for 'base(true) identity', nine fragmented movie pieces standing for 'face for current' are places. As each transparent piece has its own ID like 'Zigsaw Puzzle', it shows the same part of movie. By matching or breaking the pieces of the face, audiences can experience confusing and weird feeling.