ArT Field, JB Song, media installation, mixed media, 2013.

During our life, we have been keeping on challenge to the inexperienced field and everyone has to go through a hard time caused by a fear for the unaccustomed circumstance and a sense of inferiority from the inexperienced skill. However, once we becomes to be accustomed to this new field, it is so wield why we felt it so hard at that time. That means, although there certainly exist practical obstacles for becoming to acclimate to something, we recognize it much huger by the effect of 'Aura' from new challenging field and its resistance is sometimes more powerful than physical obstacles.

Motivated by the feeling of fear and inferiority which I experienced when entering to the fine arts territory as an engineer, I made a large wall of light using several laser sources which stands for the psychological wall. When audience approach small physical wall, they are supposed to face huge and bright green laser wall emerged from physical wall. It is not a substantial thing, but audiences experience similar feeling of resistance when they face the same size of physical wall. In this artwork, although audiences have to overcome the resistance of psychological obstacle and they must choose whether they go through or not, they can experience 'the Expansion of one's domain' through the destruction of psychological wall.

*physical ArT Wall is made by ceramic artist 'Kim kyungryung'.